Perfect Gifts to Make His Father’s Day

However Dad likes to get outside, we’ve got the gifts that make it easier for him to get out there even more.

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One gift that every parent wants is more time – whether that’s more time with family, more time to try something new, or more time doing the things they love. This year, give Dad the gift of more time outside, with our hand-picked gifts for every type of Dad.

For the Beachgoer

Our founder L.L. was an avid fisherman, at his happiest when he was spending time on the water. If your Dad likes to fish, we’ve got him covered; if he likes to poke around in a kayak or kick back on the beach instead, well, we’ve got him covered, too.

Whatever he’s doing on the water, we’ve got quick-drying, sun-blocking clothing in lots of styles to keep Dad comfortable; the perfect beach bags in our Boat & Tote Bag, Adventure Tote Cooler and Waterproof Stowaway Pack; and expert-designed gear for everything from paddleboarding to fly-fishing.

For the Hiker

Some of our strongest memories are the ones we make outside, doing things like camping, hiking or just sitting around a fire in the great outdoors. If your Dad instilled a love of the outdoors in you, return the favor by giving him a gift he can take on all his adventures.

What’s missing from your Dad’s hiking and camping kit? Upgrade his apparel with comfortable, breathable hiking clothes, or renovate his campsite with tents, hammocks and camp furniture. And if he’s a gearhead who loves the latest gadgets, treat him to a new pack or other accessories.

For the Entertainer

Of course, a love of the outdoors doesn’t always mean scaling a summit or hooking a big one. Maybe your Dad’s outdoor oasis is right outside the door, where he can be grill master, host with the most or grab some solitude in the sun.

A yard that’s easy to take care of is easy to enjoy, so giving Dad All-Weather Furniture – which can stay outside all year long – is a simple way to give him more time to relax. Once the furniture is set, it’s all about the things your Dad likes to do at home, whether it’s playing classic games or lounging around a new low smoke fire pit.

For the Traveler

If your Dad loves to travel, odds are that old carry-on he still lugs around could use an update. If he won’t treat himself, treat him to some new luggage that will make his next trip a breeze.

We have luggage for every type of traveler, from small crossbody bags and packs to larger duffles and totes – many that can even be personalized. And accessories like mugs and packing cubes make every step between his doorstep and his destination a little bit easier.

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